rowan the artist

Dear Reader,

This website is the beginning of something. What that something is I’m not sure but we will see what it becomes.  My goal is to create an online magazine based on Culture, Politics and Sports; three broad subjects that are most interesting to me and those in which I have the most knowledge. This seems like a good place to start.

I want The Connecticut Review to provide young writers a medium through which they can hone their writing skills and develop their voice. This is to be done in an environment that encourages discussion and open-mindedness and values free-thinking and the voicing of one’s opinion, whether it be popular or not.

Admittedly, the immediate benefactor of this will be myself as I will be the first to post my pieces and will provide the majority of content for the foreseeable future, but I hope that changes quickly. Publishing one’s writing comes with an inherent egotism that assumes other people want to read what one has to say. I am guilty of this, but in that guilt I find the responsibility to inform and entertain with my writing, I hope this website does both. It is with those same goals, to inform and entertain, that I invite you to submit your works on Culture, Politics, and Sports, and to join in building The Connecticut Review into something worth reading.

All the best,

Rowan Kane

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