The Volterra is continually looking for non-fiction submissions on the subjects of culture, politics and sport and  their intersections. We also accept fiction and literary submissions focusing on the modern human experience. We generally like to keep pieces under 3,000 words but will make exceptions for engaging subjects or outstanding writing.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome. Please include a short biography and photo to be published along with your work. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to financially support our writers but we encourage you to submit the work published by The Volterra elsewhere as long as we are credited with original publication.

To submit your article or story to The Volterra please send a pitch or manuscript to submissions@thevolterra.com


Podcast topics:

If you have a topic you would like to have covered on an upcoming Volterra Podcast, please send it to rowan@thevolterra.com

2 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. The Journal of Volterra sounds like it provides a springboard for a latitude of topics. Could you describe further the context of the modern human experience for submission? For example, is it a universal human experience captured by the written word through the portrayal of characters, settings, plot and theme. etc? Or could it be a modern cultural practice or political rule or social order shared by a large group or sub-group that could describe a modern human experience?

    • Hi Jennifer, thanks for your interest! Indeed, we accept a wide range of submissions along the spectrum you’ve described. In our literature section, we prefer narrative (either fiction or experiential), but are open to expanding our submission base if a piece is truly engaging. We are a growing outlet so if you’re thinking about submitting, please do and help us grow!

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